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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

Architectural Technology is an Accredited Profession. The high level of architectural education achieved by Accredited Architectural Technologists qualify them for responsible positions within the industry, executing the safe design and management of construction projects. As a self-regulating professional Association, the AATO’s function is to:

  • Provide Architectural Technologists within this province with an Association which advances the profession, increases their professional knowledge, skill and grants them Accreditation with the Province of Ontario;
  • Foster the attainment of quality and competence in the field of Architectural Technology;
  • Require continual upgrading to remain current with constantly changing industry, regulations, codes and standards;
  • Establish, maintain and enforce strict rules of ethical conduct for the members of the Association;
  • Inform the public in a suitable and ethical manner of the purpose and aims of the Association;
  • Promote a harmonious relationship between members in order to stimulate the development of the Association.