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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

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Architectural Technologists are the corner stone of building design and management

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The Profession

Architectural Technology is an Accredited Profession. The high level of architectural education achieved by Accredited Architectural Technologists qualify them for responsible positions within the industry, executing the safe design and management of construction projects.

The Work

Accredited Architectural Technologists, as Specialists in the science of building, provide an alternative to engaging an Architect for building projects in accordance with the Ontario Building Code. Accredited members practice within their areas of expertise in a variety of building related industries as designers, project managers, inspectors, supervisors and specification writers to name but a few. They may also be sole practitioners or employed in the private sector or with government agencies. The work of an Accredited member is always conducted in a professional and ethical manner.

The Membership

The Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario is the only qualifying body in Ontario for Architectural Technologists. An Accredited Technologist is a person who has graduated from a recognized program in architectural technology, participated in a series of upgrading courses and lectures, fulfilled a probationary period of related work experience and successfully completed a formal examination. Persons who do not meet the minimum requirements must upgrade to the level of an Architectural Technology Graduate, according to the Association’s guidelines, prior to participating in the accreditation process.

The Association

The Association of Architectural Technologists was granted Charter and Province of Ontario Letters Patent, incorporating the Association in 1969. The aims and goals of this Provincial Charter is to serve and recognize Architectural Technologists in the Province of Ontario.

As at 1996, the Legislature of Ontario passed bill Pr40 (chapter Pr20 Statutes of Ontario) an act respecting the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario.

As a self regulating professional Association, the AATO’s function are to:

  • Provide Architectural Technologists within this province with an Association which advances profession, increases their professional knowledge, skill and grants them Accreditation with the Province of Ontario.
  • Foster the attainment of quality and competence in the field of Architectural Technology.
  • Encourage continual upgrading to remain current with constantly changing technology.
  • Establish, maintain and enforce strict rules of ethical conduct for the members of the Association in the field of Architectural Technology.
  • In form the public in a suitable and ethical manner of the purpose and aims of the Association.

Promote a harmonious relationship among members in order to stimulate the development of the Association and enhance its public reputation.

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