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Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario

About the AATO

Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario is a registered not for profit organization founded in 1969. We are a government of Ontario legislated, self governing body that regulates the use of titles through the Association of Architectural Technologists of Ontario Act, 1996, AATO BY Law 1-82. We are the only governing authority that protects the following titles and the French equivalents of:

  • Architectural Technologist
  • Architectural Technician
  • Registered Building Technologist
  • Registered Building Technician

Vision Statement Canadian Leaders in Architectural Technology and Building Sciences. Mission Statement To promote and represent the art and science of advanced building technology and the role of design for Ontarians. Mandate Statement To successfully and professionally administer the rights and obligations of An Act Respecting the Architectural Technologists of Ontario in support of the public interest, the profession, and its members.   Why choose the AATO?

  • Network with experienced members
  • Chapters to network and liaison with
  • Information seminars on latest building materials and methods

Upon completion of accreditation period, the use of the letters M.A.A.T.O which give you an advantage in the business world

  • Access to professional liability insurance
  • Access to a professional stamp
  • Access to professional development
  • Provincially approved Ontario Building Code courses

Enjoy the privilege of using these professional titles by becoming and accredited member and completing the application and submitting it. The AATO educates, works with government, advocates and supports industry wide initiatives, provides protection to the consumer and represents our membership to:

  • Governments
  • Federal
  • Provincial
  • Municipal

Our goals – Professional Recognition

  • Professional recognition and area of practice for our membership and graduates of Architectural Technology and Technician programs.
  • To keep the education benchmarks high for future graduates.
  • To ensure that members are leaders in design, technological innovations and building science.
  • To promote public safety by facilitating building code and other courses for members and industry stakeholders

Where do you see our membership?


  • Providing design services to the construction industry, development firms, and the general public
  • Work for other design professionals as team leaders and team members
  • Provide building code and building sciences consulting services in terms of review and inspections, and testing
  • Provide specification writing services to the design and construction industry


  • Project Management
  • Owners of Construction or Development Companies
  • Site Representative (i.e. site superintendent, customer service)


  • Teaching future technologists and technicians at colleges and other institutions
  • Facilitating OBC Courses for AATO, colleges and institutions
  • Facilitate other technical training programs


  • Building product manufacturers and distributors
  • Building services, Computer Applications


  • Federal, Provincial and Municipal
  • Working within building departments (inspectors, plans examiners, by law enforcement etc.), facilities management, asset management, fire services, conservation authorities…
  • Authorities having jurisdiction such as: Ministry of Labor, Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA), Fire Marshall Office, Construction Safety Association, etc.

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